5 Cancer Causing foods to avoid…

5 Cancer Causing foods to avoid

At times when I engage with people on nutrition related talks, I get asked many interesting questions but and this one comes up quite often. 

“Is there anything that I should avoid or stop eating to avoid cancer?”

There are several studies and researches today that list the risk factors of all cancer deaths:

About, 20 -25% linked with smoking

Around, 15 – 25% linked with infection

Roughly, around 5 – 10% linked with genetics

But the major chunk of 30 – 35% are linked to what we eat!

And the rest of are linked with stress, environmental exposure, radiation and physical activity.

If you noticed, the major percent of cancer deaths are related to our food intake.

There are many things and factors which causes cancer. And the sad part is we cannot exclude all of them from our daily routine.   But we can concentrate on that one thing which is easy to modify in our daily lifestyle and that’s our diet.

Here I am listing 5 foods that we can limit or exclude from our diet for cancer prevention:

Red Meat

5 Cancer causing foods to avoid

Red meat is associated with increased the risk of colon cancer, that includes beef, lamb, mutton, goat and horse.

Cooking red meat at high temperatures such as grilling, broiling and frying can cause formation of some chemicals that raises cancer risk.

Processed Meat

5 Cancer causing foods to avoid

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), there are 1000 carcinogens (cancer-causing substance) are analyzed and grouped based on studies and researches and they lead to cancer in human.

They have listed groups A to E; you can find the complete list here.

In the first group they have listed Carcinogens to human, such as tobacco smoking, wood dust etc. And, eating ProcessedMeat.

Researches have shown that 50 gm of processed meat (about 2 oz.) increases the risk of colorectal cancer.


5 Cancer causing foods to avoid

As per many research, there are pieces of evidence that 2 and half of eggs every week raise the risk of prostate cancer by 81%.


The main reason people eat eggs because it is richest source of choline. This nutrient is converted to toxin trimethylamine and this toxin oxidized in liver and increases the risk of premature death and stroke.

Therefore, as I always say, limiting is the key. We should limit our egg consumption to prevent cancer occurrence.


5 Cancer causing foods to avoid

According to the study of American Journal of Public Health, 3.5% of cancer deaths are related to Alcohol.

Also, 15% breast cancer deaths are linked to Alcohol.

I know it’s Scary!

Therefore, again I must say – limit is the only key.

According to American Institute for Cancer Research we have limit our alcohol consumption no more than 2 serving for men and 1 serving for women.


5 Cancer causing foods to avoid


Milk and milk products such as cheese and yogurt raise the exposure of progesterone and estrogen (sex steroid hormones) and stimulate growth stimulating protein which triggers cancer growth.

What I feel…

After reading all this you may feel overwhelmed and scary but don’t worry. If you can’t avoid them then even limiting these foods could certainly be beneficial in the long run. Also, as alternatives always try to prefer organic or plant-based foods wherever possible.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy & Keep Smiling! ?

5 Cancer Causing foods to avoid

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